BOMBSHELL!! Singer Maurice Mahon Says Our Story About R. Kelly Brutally Assaulting His Keyboard Player Rodney East Was “100% Accurate”

By: Freelance Reporter Tammy Washington, Posted December 27, 2017 at 7:08 am US/Central Email: CHICAGO–For the past several days, R. Kelly’s keyboard player Rodney East has been accusing The Four One One of posting “false blogs” about him and trying to defame his character when we didn’t know him from a can of paint before we found out he was brutally beaten by sex cult leader and pedophile R. Kelly. It all emanated when a member of R. Kelly’s camp reached out to us about R. Kelly brutally assaulting Rodney on… Read More

Keyboard Player Rodney East Denies Getting Beat Up By R. Kelly, But His Sister Felicia East And Fellow Musicians Confirm It Did Happen

By: Freelance Reporter Glenda Wooten, Posted December 27, 2017 at 7:08 am US/Central Email: CHICAGO–Recently, The Four-One-One published and article about gospel singer Yolanda Adams’s keyboard player Rodney East getting brutally assaulted by R&B singer R. Kelly on a basketball court, which required him to have stitches. My story was based on facts ascertained from sources with a great deal of credibility and no incentive to lie on Rodney or anyone else.   We sent our article to thousand of people via facebook’s inbox so people can be made aware of this… Read More