C.O.G.I.C. Superintendent Michael Eaddy Covered Up The Rape Of A Mentally Retarded Man Who Was Sodomized By A Gay Member Of His Church

According to the victim’s sister Camelita D. Gammons, her mentally disabled brother George, ran to her during a Sunday service with his pants still unfastened, crying uncontrollably, after being sodomized by a gay church member.

Camelita says she promptly brought the crime to the attention of  pastor Eaddy, thinking he would call the police, but instead, he immediately started trying to talk her out of pursuing legal recourse while the perpetrator was still present in the church.

“He pulled me in his office and told me to calm down, as if I was overreacting in some way” said Carmelita.

Pastor Eaddy never called the police.  He told Carmelita to “remain prayerful and leave it in God’s hands.”

Pastor Eaddy’s reaction (or lack there of) to George Gammons rape is drastically different than than it was in the early 90’s when his own wife Christine and daughter Eunice were abducted by several men near their former storefront.

“He was visibly shaken and called the police immediately” said one of his longtime members.

Pastor Eaddy even had the audacity to kick Carmelita and her disabled brother out of his church a short time after the incident, while the rapist remained a member.

Despite Pastor Eaddy’s righteous persona, those who know him describe him as an adulterer, womanizer and hypocrite, who’s been cheating on his wife with women at his church for years.

Carmelita says she once overheard Pastor Eaddy telling an associate minister that one of his female members by the name of Stephanie has a “big ass booty.”   His was very humble in his earlier years as a pastor. But when he aligned with former Chicago Mayor Dailey, his became very arrogant and compromised as a pastor.

“He sold his soul and compromised a lot of his dignity when he started caring water for Mayor Daily.  That nigga is as phony and slick as they come” said one of his longtime members.

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