Ron Isley’s Keyboard Player Cornell Thigpen Runs For His Life Butt Naked After Getting Caught Having Sex With His Friend’s Wife

By: Tammy Washington, Posted January 28, 2018 at 7:18 am US/Central Email:

Recently, The-Four-One-One was contacted by an individual who told us about keyboard player Cornell Thigpen getting chased down the street butt naked and shot at after one of his friends came home and caught him having sex with his wife.

Cornell Thigpen is a whore mongering musician in the gospel and R&B genre, who was reared in the Church of God In Christ.

According to his bio, Cornell has played keyboards for such artist as Baby Face, Chaka Khan and Ron Isley just to name a few.

Our source, who’s also a musician and played tours with Cornell, told The-Four-One-One that several years ago, Cornell was in California staying at a musician friend’s home while preparing for a tour.  The friend, trusted Cornell to wait at his home with his wife while he left to run a few errands.


The friend came home, he found Cornell in bed banging  his wife.  The friend went into a rage and immediately started beating Cornell  viciously.  Cornell was only able to escape the home after his friend stopped momentarily to get  his loaded gun.

The friend shot at Cornell several times to no avail while Cornell was running down the street butt naked.  The source said if the friend had the presence of mind to go straight for his gun, instead of opting to beat Cornell first, the incident would have ended in a fatality.

We reached out to several musicians who were quite familiar with the incident.  They said Cornell went around telling people his friend’s wife kept trying to seduce him despite his pleas for her to stop.  Personally, I think that excuse is a bunch of hogwash.

It doesn’t matter how flirtatious the woman may have been, if you’re lowdown enough to bang your friend’s wife in his home, while the friend went out of his way to help your career, you are a lowdown scumbag and home wrecker.

Another friend of Cornell told the Four-One-One Cornell still fears for his safety and became a licensed gun carrier to protect himself.

We also spoke to gospel singer by the name of Ocie Jackson, who’s a member of Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Cornell once worked as Musical Director.


Ocie told us there were several scandals involving Cornell and various women at the church while he was still married to his first wife Felicia Thigpen.  Ocie said Cornell’s adultery was so bad that it led to his divorce and ouster from the church.  According to Ocie, one of Cornell’s alleged scandals involved an under-age girl but the pastor, Bishop Darrell Hines used his influence to sweep it under the rug.

While Ocie acknowledged Cornell’s superb keyboard talents, she was far more emphatic describing his “arrogant attitude and behavior that’s more consistent with a person on Prozac with a serious mental disorder.”

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