Will Eaddy, Son Of High Ranking C.O.G.I.C. Board Member Michael Eaddy, Has Been Identified As One Of R. Kelly’s Gay Lovers

By: Freelance Reporter Tammy Washington, Posted July 8, 2018 at 10:19 am US/Central 

Jerhonda Pace, a 24-year-old Chicago woman, has recently broke her silence surrounding a previous alleged underage sexual relationship with R&B superstar, R. Kelly.

Pace, now a mother of three, spoke with The-Four-One-One to recount her sexual past with Kelly, and others who were sexually involved with the singer.

According to Pace, Will Eaddy is one of Kelly’s gay lovers, who’s been sexually active with the embattled singer for years.

“Robert has bragged to me and others about how he turned Will out and made him go from his male groupie to his personal little bitch” said Pace.

“Rob has a way of making individuals like Will feel like they’re his best friend in the world, but dog them to us when they’re not around.  He’s as two-faced as they come” added Pace.

There are other public figures who have excoriated Will Eaddy for his clandestine gay lifestyle.

Tasha K, is a reputable social media star and pop culture aficionado, who is famous for her UnWine with Tasha K  YouTube channel.  She has earned massive popularity, to the tune of over 240 thousand subscribers.  Her massive audience admires her valor to address controversial issues, while sipping wine throughout her rants.

In one of Taska’s recent videos, she emphatically called out Will Eaddy as one of R. Kelly’s gay lovers.

Will Eaddy’s involvement with Kelly is particularly interesting given the fact that his former brother-in-law Steve Huff is married to Stephanie Edwards formerly known as r&b singer Sparkle, who just happen to be the aunt of Reshona Edwards-Landfair, the underage girl in the infamous sex tape that caused Kelly to be charged with 21 counts of child pornography back in 2002.

Even more disconcerting, Will’s father, Pastor Michael Eaddy, is just as hypocritical as his .son, embracing a known pedophile and sex cult leader as if he’s a hero of some kind. 

“It’s no wonder the Church of God In Christ organization is on a downward spiral” said Elder Earl Carter, formerly of the C.O.G.I.C. organization. 

As a maneuver to deflect attention from his gay lifestyle, Will often takes to social media, posting photos of him and Kelly and defending their relationship to those who dare question their his sexuality.  The following is a recent posting from Will’s Facebook page:

“Me and My Brother, R. Kelly, started 21 years ago as Basketball Competitors turned Friends, turned Best Friends and now turned Brothers! I’ve been SILENT only because I KNOW THE TRUTH! He has been silent because he doesn’t have to prove or say anything to salacious lies. The TRUTH will come out and you’ll see the true motives behind all of this very soon.

You have NO IDEA the things that I have been accused of and suffered because of my Love, Loyalty & Association to R. Kelly. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, I’ve NEVER left his side or spoke ill of him.

I’ve even been accused personally of some of the most disgusting things, but anyone that even remotely knows me knows my Integrity, Reputation, Upbringing & Standing within the Community.

Needless to say, any logical thinking person reading that statement will instantly see through all the jargon and detect gay overtones that’s consistent with a homosexual relationship.

Despite Will’s malarkey, others close to Kelly knows beyond a reasonable doubt that Will Eaddy is an undercover homosexual.

Both Will and R. Kelly knows it’s all true, which is why you’ll never hear about them filing a law suit, primarily, because they know it opens up the flood gates for even more info about their gay relationship that would be divulged on public record, under oath, during lawyer depositions.

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