Pastor Larry L. Harris Gets Kicked Out Of Ben Washington Church In Irving, Texas For Having an affair With A Deacon’s Wife

By: Freelance Reporter Tammy Washington, Posted June 13, 2018 at 10:03 am US/Central 

IRVING, TEXAS–Pastor Larry L. Harris of the Ben Washington Baptist Church, in Irving, Texas, has been unanimously voted out as senior pastor after he was caught having a sexual relationship with a deacon’s wife.

The disgraced pastor was warned repeatedly by the deacon to stay away from the deacon’s wife, but continued on with the affair, even taking trips to Arizona with his married mistress.

After the whore mongering pastor was voted out, he tried to recruit members of the church to follow him elsewhere, but to no avail.  “I wouldn’t follow that low down nigga to the corner store” said a long time member.

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10 thoughts on “Pastor Larry L. Harris Gets Kicked Out Of Ben Washington Church In Irving, Texas For Having an affair With A Deacon’s Wife

  1. I personally no this man. Everything stated in the article is accurate and in my opinion writing very kindly. I’ve served the cloth all of my life & few men are as calculation, scandalous, narcissistic, untrustworthy, conniving, backstabbing, sneaky, Social pathic, unworthy, unstable…… unfortunately I could go on forever fairly describing the nature of this man. Many many members of Ben Washington in one way or another have been victimized by Harris. He rules by intimidation & loud antics making most coward down or accept his Dogmatic ways out of misplaced respect for him as Leader/ Pastor. Very few have ever stood up for themselves and in past conversations where feedback was presented….. the conversation fell on death ears or tactfully pivoted out of with spit fire returned as that persons reward for truth telling. What’s shameful is he’ll soon find & his little dirty penis will drive his continued craving for fresh meat as he goes for men & women. So in the Immortal emotional words of our dear YouTube sensation….. “Hide yo wife, hide ya husbands, hide ya kids… cause he’ll screw anybody”.

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  2. Thank God the truth finally came out. Larry L. Harris is one of the most devilish individuals I’ve ever been around. He is nothing but a big hypocrite.


    • What about the Deacon’s Wife, what is the truth about he?, what would you call her behavior? Church Slut, an Adulteress, a home wrecker, a sinner, a Church Whore, a Selfish -B—-. What is a name for a Married Woman deaconess) in the Church and sleeps with Pastor and becomes his mistress?


      • A child of the most high God that has lost her way. Praying for these people in good spirits. May the Almighty God restore these broken people that they all shall find their way back to him. By the power of the Holy Spirit. No Worries man of God. The most High is in control my brother.


  3. My prayers go out to Rev. Harris children, they will probably be hurt by their parents divorce and now this reading about their father’s inappropriate behavior. Children shouldn’t have to take on the feelings of parents divorce and embarrassment caused by a parent scandalous and inappropriate behavior. Wives can move on or remarry, His children will always be His children and He will always be remembered as the “Pastor that was Kicked Out Of Ben Washington Church Irving for having a Sexual Relationship with the Deacon’s Wife”. Ms. Washington the freelance writer did not mention the Deacon’s Wife name, is there a double-standard, who and where is she, with Rev. Harris? I wonder if either thought about the consequences or the ramification of their behavior. Was it pure lust or did they really care about each other? Ms. Washington, my personal thoughts are; when telling a devastating and scandalous story of this nature, that damages a person character and integrity, I would think you would include both parties involved, don’t just drag down Rev. Harris because of this position. He is a man first and we all fall short of the glory of GOD. I admit it doesn’t look good for the pastors/ministers that are trying to lead GOD’s people and reach the loss. We as Christian are commanded to live and be more Christ like.but we the members/deacons/ushers/choir fall short as well. Preacher’s are not perfect people, the Church body of Christ are not a perfect people. We all do and say thing that are not pleasing to GOD.We as Christian are to live unspotted from the World, some of us fall short in that area as well. GOD will deal with His Preacher and the Woman adulteress, and all of His people that sin. GOD chasten those He loves. Men can only do what Women allow, the Deacon’s Wife played a major part in this inappropriate and scandalous behavior, knowing she was married. Even though Rev.Larry Harris behavior was disgusting and scandalous for a Pastor/Man of God it also holds true for the Deacon’s Wife. Why wasn’t her name used in this article? It appears that this article was designed to hurt Rev Harris. I personally would like to know the Deacon’s Wife name, is she still with the Deacon, did she follow Rev Harris. Tell us a little about Her and her credential, if any. Where does she work, does she have any children, are they affected by her behavior? How is her husband the Deacon, did he divorce his adulteress wife? This article shouldn’t be just about Rev Harris, it should include more information about the Deacon’s Wife. I do not approved of this article, it’s Scandalous, it destroys a family or families the Children. Ms.Washington what gratification did you get out of writing this Article. I am not saying not to write the Article, “freedom of speech”, but couldn’t been mortified with less descriptive details. The Black Churches possible White Churches in Irving and surrounding community and Ben Washington Church (a prominent church in the area) congregation already knew the reason for Pastor Harris dismissile, so why go to this extent publicly? Have you written other Articles about other Pastors, Deacons or members in Ben Washington Church Irving or other Irving, Texas, pastors/ministers that have made inappropriate and scandalous choices or is the personal vendetta against Rev. Harris? Mr. Ray that knew Rev Harris personally, some of the descriptive information your stated about his sexual life make me think you may have had a sexual encounter with him to know that He like men. Otherwise how would you know his sexual preferences. The statement hide your children, I am assuming you are saying, you personally know Rev Harris has had sexual encounter(s) with a minor. My question to you Mr. Ray, why didn’t you notify the authorities about the sexual abuse to a minor?. If that is true, you aren’t any better than the perpetrator as a matter a fact your are a disgusting individual, to know of an illegal act on a minor and not report it to the authorities.GOD is going hold you accountable for not reporting that information more so the reporting Rev. Harris personality disorders, and sexual encounters. I am waiting to her from you Ms. Washington, as well as you Mr. Ray. I am praying for the Ben Washington Church-Irving. I knew Pastor Joe Sheppard and his family from Terrell. I am sure Pastor Sheppard is not pleased.


  4. Some of you are trying to offset with extensive comments when yall know every word of this article is true. Pastor Harris is guilty as hell. He tried to be a player, got caught and they got rid of his whore mongering ass. Then yall try to lay the guilt trip on us by mentioning his kids like we’re suppose to feel more sympathy for them than he does.. He knew his kids could possibly be effected by this when he chose to screw another man’s wife. He can’t expect us to care more about the feelings of his children more than he does. Any child should feel bad when they have a dad who is audacious and blatant enough to sleep with a Deacon’s wife at a church where he serves as pastor. Common sense should have told him that it would not end well. If anything yall should directed all those comments towards him about why he subjected his family to such scrutiny. If he believed anything he preached about in the past, he would know that God was going to pull the cover off of him sooner or later. Like I said earlier, he tried to be a player get caught and they kicked his ass out of the church like they were supposed to. He should be thanking his lucky stars the Deacon didn’t bust a cap in his ASS for sleeping with his wife. Yall need to take that crap somewhere else!!!!


    • What you are saying about Rev Harris may be true, no one is disputing or questioning the article. My concern; nothing is being said about the Wife of the Deacon what about her adulteress ass, looks like she was doing some whoring herself. She’s just as guilty as Rev. Harris This relationship appeared to be consensual between two adults. My concern for the kids, the descriptive words that was used. I just think the Article could have been told in a more tactful way and you would have gotten the same results. Dismissed from Ben Washington Church-Irving. I think Rev Harris should have been terminated. For whatever reason, no one wants to say anything about the Deacon’s Wife, Why? They both should be thanking their lucky stars the Deacon didn’t bust a cap in both of their ASS for sleeping together, both are guilty. You need to hold the Wife accountable for her deplorable behavior.. Rev Harris couldn’t sleep with Her or take Her on a trip without her CONSENT. Is that to hard for YOU and others to Understand? If you are going to call the kettle black, call the pot black as well. I see a lot of personal revenge and double standards in this Article. Rev. Harris and the Deacon’s Wife are guilty for the Sin and Both will pay the plenty of SIN. GOD sees no little or big Sin. Sin is Sin and they will be judge by GOD as such, even though the Preacher plenty will be greater for his SIN. The covers have been pulled off Rev Harris but the covers remain on the Deacon’s Wife in this Article because Her name has not been mentioned. Which causes me to wonder even more who she is. Ben Washington Church-Irving pray this is not only a disgraceful for Rev Harris, but it also shows that someone dropped the ball when looking for a pastor, did anyone try to investigate Rev Harris before you appointed HIM.


  5. A child of the most high God that has lost her way. Praying for these people in good spirits. May the Almighty God restore these broken people that they all shall find their way back to him. By the power of the Holy Spirit. No Worries man of God. The most High is in control my brother.


  6. ? Mr. Dan why is her being named is so important to you. Is it going to change God judgment upon either of the people involved. Why destroy more children lives being that that is your concern. Correct) you are anyone else knowing the name of the other party is not going to change the out come at the end of the day. We as the Saints of the most High needs to to choose our battles wisely. No worries my brothers God is in total control. Praying in good spirits for all who are involved. Be blessed.


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