BOMBSHELL!! Singer Maurice Mahon Says Our Story About R. Kelly Brutally Assaulting His Keyboard Player Rodney East Was “100% Accurate”

By: Freelance Reporter Tammy Washington, Posted December 27, 2017 at 7:08 am US/Central Email:

CHICAGO–For the past several days, R. Kelly’s keyboard player Rodney East has been accusing The Four One One of posting “false blogs” about him and trying to defame his character when we didn’t know him from a can of paint before we found out he was brutally beaten by sex cult leader and pedophile R. Kelly.

It all emanated when a member of R. Kelly’s camp reached out to us about R. Kelly brutally assaulting Rodney on a basketball court.

According to our source, Rodney was playing good defense on Kelly, which frustrated the embattled singer enough to reach back and bust Rodney smack-dab in the face with his fist.  Rodney was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for eight stitches.

Even more disconcerting, our source told us Kelly was taunting Rodney while he was still down and bloody, calling him a “punk bitch.”  The source said the vicious blow to Rodney’s face could have killed him .

If that wasn’t demoralizing enough, in the tradition of Ike and Tina Turner, Kelly drove Rodney to the hospital after the bloody beating and offered to pay for all his medical expenses as if the gesture would serve as solace and make up for the serious crime he perpetrated.

While Rodney was testi-lying to his Facebook faithfuls, telling everybody we need Jesus, another bombshell was dropping.

Maurice Mahon is a former background singer for R. Kelly, who happens to be a talented singer in his own right.   Unlike many of Rodney’s associates on Facebook, who happen to be members of the Kiss Rodney’s Butt At All Cost Church Of God In Christ Maurice had the valor and integrity to set the record straight about Rodney’s R&B beat down.

The Chicago native and musical director for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/Push Headquarters  was gracious enough to grant me a phone interview.  The following is an audio of Maurice Mahon’s phone interview in its entirety:

After becoming aware of our article, Rodney responded by posting the following, on Facebook:

“Wassup Good Ppl Of Social Media, Wanna make this Real Quick & Simple, there is a false blog swim’n around & I wanna let Every1 know that I’m All Good, My Wife & My Girls r Good & My Family is Good & GOD still gets the Glory even outta This, so if u hv come across this do Me a favor & pls don’t engage n any convo back & 4th on the post, just send up a quick Pray’r 4 whoever it is & their family & let’s take 2018 by Storm & stay on The Path GOD has set b4 Us, Much Luv 2 All Who reach’d Out with genuine Concern & Pls Know That @ the end of the Day GOD can handle this waaaayyyy bet’r than u or I Can, as I Always Say “Thank GOD 4 The Gift & The Responsibility Of The Gift…!!”

Given all the evidence, I’m curious to know why Rodney would jump on social media and lie to all his butt kissers, saying it didn’t happen.  Did R. Kelly pay Rodney to keep it a secret? Did he brainwash Rodney like he did his sex cult members?  Maybe Rodney is suffering from “Battered Man’s Syndrome.”

Instead of trying to shoot the messenger, ridiculing us strong black women for doing our job and telling the truth, he should redirect that energy towards the sex cult leader and pedophile who actually put hands on him.

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