Keyboard Player Rodney East Denies Getting Beat Up By R. Kelly, But His Sister Felicia East And Fellow Musicians Confirm It Did Happen

By: Freelance Reporter Glenda Wooten, Posted December 27, 2017 at 7:08 am US/Central Email:

CHICAGO–Recently, The Four-One-One published and article about gospel singer Yolanda Adams’s keyboard player Rodney East getting brutally assaulted by R&B singer R. Kelly on a basketball court, which required him to have stitches.

My story was based on facts ascertained from sources with a great deal of credibility and no incentive to lie on Rodney or anyone else.   We sent our article to thousand of people via facebook’s inbox so people can be made aware of this egregious incident perpetrated by R. Kelly.

According to our source, Rodney was playing good defense on Kelly, which frustrated the embattled singer enough to reach back and bust Rodney smack-dab in the face with his fist.  Rodney was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for eight stitches.

Even more disconcerting, our source told us Kelly was  taunting Rodney while he was still down and bloody, calling him a “punk bitch.”  The source said the blow to Rodney’s face was vicious and totally unexpected.

After becoming aware of our article, Rodney responded with the following, via a Facebook post:

“Wassup Good Ppl Of Social Media, Wanna make this Real Quick & Simple, there is a false blog swim’n around & I wanna let Every1 know that I’m All Good, My Wife & My Girls r Good & My Family is Good & GOD still gets the Glory even outta This, so if u hv come across this do Me a favor & pls don’t engage n any convo back & 4th on the post, just send up a quick Pray’r 4 whoever it is & their family & let’s take 2018 by Storm & stay on The Path GOD has set b4 Us, Much Luv 2 All Who reach’d Out with genuine Concern & Pls Know That @ the end of the Day GOD can handle this waaaayyyy bet’r than u or I Can, as I Always Say “Thank GOD 4 The Gift & The Responsibility Of The Gift…!!”

Now I don’t mind being ridiculed and called ugly names for publishing a true story that the subject didn’t want others to know about–that come with the territoryut when you question my journalistic integrity and call my report a “False Blog” I take it as a direct insult and I will expose you for the lying devil that you are.  I may be a female, but I’m not a weak pushover.

When Rodney lied to people on facebook, denying that it happen, he didn’t know I had already communicated with a plethora of individuals such as his fellow musicians, and even his own sister Felicia East, who admitted that the incident did take place.

I had a phone conversation with one of Rodney’s musician friends from Chicago, now living in Florida, who goes by the facebook name of Scoota Keyz.  Scoota said “Yeah, I heard Kellz fucked him up pretty bad. That shit was foul as hell too. It’ happened years ago though”

I spoke to another musician on Rodney’s Facebook friend’s list who ask to remain anonymous.  He said a drummer by the name of Gerald Wilson (who passed away a couple of years ago) told him about it shortly after it happened.  He said Rodney confided in Gerald about the entire incident.  He said “Rodney was hurt pretty bad.”

I also corresponded with Rodney’s sister, Felicia East via Facebook’s inbox.  Felicia said “We’re talking about a situation that happened years ago….this news is late.”

Given all the evidence, I’m curious to know why Rodney would jump on social media and lie by saying it didn’t happen.  Did R. Kelly pay Rodney to keep it a secret? Did he brainwash Rodney like he did his sex cult members?

Also, it doesn’t matter how long ago it happened.  The fact still remains that R. Kelly brutally assaulted Rodney and for some reason Rodney don’t want the world to know.

Lastly, if Rodney is suggesting that we’re lying about his adulterous lifestyle, we can easily prove that as well.

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