Doctor’s Family Believe Sapp Is Involved With Her Murder

Authorities Confirm Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp As Primary Suspect In Case Of Missing Doctor

Dr. Teleka Patrick, of Kalamazoo, Michigan went missing on Dec. 5, 2013, just three months after gospel singer Marvin Sapp filed an order of protection against her, and now her body is found floating in an Indiana river.

Patrick’s abandoned Lexus was found with a flat tire by a highway in Portage, Indiana, about 100 miles away. Authorities in Kalamazoo and Indiana were searching for her, and now it’s officially a murder investigation.

Rumors are swirling heavily about Sapps possible involvement in Patrick’s murder. In January, Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller stated in his report that Sapp “was nothing more than an innocent victim of stalking,”   Some consider his early findings reckless and suggestive of corruption.

However, Jim Carlin, a reputable private investigator, hired by Patrick’s family is convinced that Sapp is far from cleared as a suspect.

Carlin, a former police officer, told Scandal Media that Sheriff Fuller’s statement was nothing more than a commonly used placating tactic, by law enforcement, to lure a suspect to sleep and give them a false sense of security–knowing they can always recant their statement down the line. “Most detectives are very crafty and patient. They know that if a dead body is found, the case transforms into a murder investigation, with no statue of limitations.” added Carlin.

Carlin said he’s convinced that whoever picked her up on I-94 knew her personally.

Carlin finds it interesting’ that Sapp claimed to have been stalked by Patrick for over a year, but never made any 911 calls to police prior to filing the order of protection.

“If someone is harassing you to that extent, for almost an entire year, it’s only natural to call the police at least once. Instead, he waits until September, and she just happen to vanish three short months later. Authorities, who are operating in good faith would never omit such circumstances during a murder investigation” says Carlin.

Carlin says the Patrick family believes that Sapp is complicit in their daughter’s murder. “Teleka once told her family if anything ever happens to me, the first place I want you to look, is the church” says Carlin.

In a previous statement, Sapp said, “As a father of three and pastor a of one of the largest congregations in west Michigan, I cannot take this kind of obsessive attention lightly.”

But Carlin says he was told by several sources that Marvin Sapp’s communication with Patrick was far more personalized than he wants the public to believe. Carlin says he finds it rather strange that Sapp, despite claiming to have been stalked by Patrick, hasn’t rendered any support to the family for Teleka’s safe return. “That would be the godly thing to do when you’re a pastor who’s innocent. “Instead, when you call the church, the entire staff is taciturn about the situation” says Carlin.

Carlin says Teleka’s ex-husband’s claim of her being mentally ill is baseless and unsubstantiated.

“That guy is trying to use this ordeal to gain fame in some weird way. If she was mentally ill, their would be a visible pattern of her behavior, or at least one or two incidents, and the family would have known about it. There’s no vestiges of that whatsoever. Speaking passionately on a Youtube video to someone you’re emotionally attached to, does not rise to the level of mental illness.” says Carlin.

Carlin says based on his investigation, Sapp has quite a reputation with the ladies.

“I spoke to various women within the church as well as other pastors, who assured me that he’s far more worldly than he portrays in public.” said Carlin.

If you have any information or knowledge of Marvin Sapp’s involvement, please call the Kalamazoo County Sheriff (269)-383-8821









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