Dianne Williams, Lead Singer of The Legendary Gospel Song “Jesus Can Work It Out” Is Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Female Record Exec




Dianne Williams 2

CHICAGO–If you’ve followed gospel music over the last 30 years or so, you probably heard a gospel song entitled: “Jesus Can Work It Out” recorded in 1980 by the late Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Warriors, based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Even if you don’t necessarily follow that genre of music, you’ve probably heard the remix of that song played in regular rotation in the early 2000’s on one of your local R&B stations in your city.  If that somehow got past you, you probably was watching ESPN recently, and heard it used as a theme song for one of the network’s sports shows.

Sadly enough, the song’s anointed lead vocalist Dianne Williams, is being accused of sexually assaulting another female by the name of Lisa Wheeler, a former Executive Vice President of ICEE Records. which is no longer exist.

Lisa said she was traveling with the late Dr. Charles G, Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Warriors choir on a promotional tour, and Dianne Williams somehow entered into her hotel room uninvited and sexually assaulted her while she was taking a shower.  Lisa said Dianne got naked, jumped in the shower after her, groped her vaginal area, while saying to her “Don’t fight it.”  After a brief struggle, Dianne reluctantly exited the shower.

Lisa said she was “afraid and deeply shaken” by the incident.  Lisa said she had no idea Dianne was a lesbian capable of boldly imposing herself on someone like that–especially given her prominence as the lead singer of such a classic and inspirational song.

Lisa’s account of that incident was corroborated by another member of the famous choir, who wanted to remain in anonymity.  That person told The Four-One-One- that Dianne and other lesbians in that choir have been blatantly promiscuous for many years.

They also shared that the Cosmopolitan House Of Prayer church, located on Chicago’s south side, has been a refuge for gays and lesbians for many decades and it was not a big deal for someone to be imposed upon, especially while traveling on the road.  Despite it being a crime in the eyes of the law, it was totally acceptable in that church environment.

The Four-One-One also spoke to Lisa’s brother Willie Wheeler, who said his sister told him about the incident this past Thanksgiving.

Willie added that he was extremely thankful and appreciative that The Four-One-One was promulgating this terrible and unfortunate incident so that perverted hypocrites like Dianne Williams can be exposed to the world and hopefully prevent it from happening to others.

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19 thoughts on “Dianne Williams, Lead Singer of The Legendary Gospel Song “Jesus Can Work It Out” Is Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Female Record Exec

  1. Lord help our people, why now ???? Is it because she has become so popular. Jealously is such a disease. Furthermore WE ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT. On the other side of the coin , what signal did you give her to suggest you would indulge. Most often times when this happens there ‘s some type of signal, either body language or verbiage. Hummm . Praying 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


    • This comment is very disturbing. First and foremost, Dianne should be seeking deliverance from being a LESBIAN, especially when it comes to jumping in the shower with other women uninvited. Your comment is indicative of the real problem, which makes homosexuality the norm in our churches today. Instead of her telling everybody else Jesus Can Work It Out, she should allow God to work it out in her life and rid her of those gay demons that’s plaguing her.


      • Shes not gay she has a daughter people get all self jealous tell lisa stop fucking tryna mess up cosmo i hopew all ha teeth rot out ha mouth and get mouth disease for lying like that


  2. I don’t understand why it has taken Lisa so long to come out with these allegations perhaps there is some truth to what happened a long time ago and as young beautiful women sometimes they experiment or become bored I think Lisa feels like Diane has come up because of the Google commercial and now she wants to get paid he without sin cast the first stone oh I’m sorry is everyone dropping the rocks going back home very timely for the allegation nice going Lisa !


    • You said that like Dianne’s career is more important than her acts of sexual assault, which is a crime in case you didn’t know. If anything, Dianne should ask God to deliver her from that demonic, lesbian demon.


      • Why was this woman in the shower in a hotel out of town with the door open or unlocked where someone could just come in and get in the shower with her sounds like she left it open for somebody it’s so many holes in that story and the crime You speak about is alleged crime she has not been convicted by a jury just by you and Lisa


      • Regardless of any calamities that may or may not be associated with Lisa’s life, the onus is still on Dianne Williams being a lesbian disguised as a vessel of God. Simply put, you should focus on the perpetrator and not the victim.


      • I have a better question: Why is Dianne trying to hop in showers with women? Btw, tomorrow we have a meeting with another young lady who says Diannetried to get her beat up because she wouldn’t lick her vagina. Stay tuned!!!


  3. It is sad to be so desperate and lonely everyone knows she doesn’t have a man and she was a known Lesbian when she had a husband however for her it’s opportunity based she will do whatever to get mere crumbs she is very jealous hearted and you can see here sneering at women in her own choir she has done so much dirt and wronged so many people it is why she is always sick and still broke I hear she lives in a bedroom and she uses the sissies who are taken with her to buy her things she is a user and a lesbian what a shame that she is the forefront of that church that’s why it’s empty people like her being pushed out front She can’t even sing like she used to she sounds horrible living off of what used to be all we can do is pray for her


  4. This is pure jealous at the most, including the person that wrote this article. It doesn’t even make sense, why would she leave her hotel door open while taking a shower?! This is the stupidest article I’ve ever read in my entire life. AWFUL. It is tired and that’s why it’s not really going anywhere to begin with. This is only a trick of the enemy. Why would you wait until she’s blowing up to throw this rumors out? Where is the proof of these allegations that Lisa Wheeler is accusing her of, and why isn’t she taking this into legal matter instead of coming to some irrelevant internet website. Y’all are sad. Even in your comments, you’re only dishing out pure hatred towards Dianne. EVEN IF SHE WAS A LESBIAN, although she isn’t, what you’re doing is no better and isn’t helping etify the kingdom. You’re only using the platform to destroy it. You won’t even reveal yourself, you’re hiding behind a fake name because I’m sure you would feel ashamed if anyone would know who you really are. LAST, why didn’t you talk to Dianne? Why was she left out. You’ve been after Dianne for a little minute and you’re tired. Now that she’s blown up and on commercials, you want to write an article. JEALOUSY!!!!


    • Uuuuuuuuuummmm Mr. “Deez Nuts” For the record, no one is jealous is Dianne, and quite frankly have absolutely no reason to be jealous of her. From doing my reserch and talking to various individuals who know here, she’s the farthest from living lavish and enjoying the finer things in life. When you and the rest of Dianne’s clique is through trying to change the narrative, the facts still remain: Dianne Williams is a lesbian with very few boundaries. I also blame the late Father Hayes, who for years use his church as a refuge for gays and lesbians with no regard whatsoever for deliverance. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s rotting in hell for going against God’s word and allowing all those gay demon to operate with immunity in his church for years. At the end of the day, we stand behind every word in this article. By the way, we are working on another story about Dianne regarding another young lady. It’ all based on truth and will make this seem like a bedtime story by comparison. Stay tuned!!!! DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!!


  5. That’s not the only church that has homosexuals. Give me any church that doesn’t??? That’s more than a Cosmopolitan issue. You’re hear gossiping And lying, so that makes you any different???? You hell bound as well. It’s living proof and so visible that you have some personal issues with her if you’re doing all of this to make sure she goes down. No matter what you say, no weapon formed shall prosper. It’s even sad how You talk down on her and claim she has nothing but all of a sudden she’s getting worldwide acclaim and you want to come out with this rumor. So sad. And then if she doesn’t have anything, why you wasting time writing up rumors and lies? You’re sad. You still ain’t answered my question. IF these people have these allegations against Dianne, then why haven’t they taken these actions into legal matter?! Hmmmm.


    • All that is malarkey. I am the owner of this site and never met Dianne in my life. Therefore absolutely no reason to have a grudge of any kind. If Dianne Williams fell that she’s been wronged or lied on, then she can file a lawsuit. Of course, she’ll never file because she knows it’s all true and she know we can easily prove it. In fact, I’d love to have her answer questions under oath in a deposition. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Dianne is a dyke. Tell her Joan Ross said it.


  6. Well you live by the sword you die by the sword You can’t be a no good Ditch and think everything‘s gonna go well for you all the sudden she should know that if she knows her Bible you reap the seeds you plant reaping what you sow huh and she is living in deplorable situation With nothing but some overdressed clothes Trying to be a diva that she is not and will never live up to it is a shame that she is out in the forefront it is what the Lord will allow her to stand up to a whole song he’s trying to tell you to sit down somewhere and stay down low life


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